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I am passionate about this fast paced industry. It is forever changing and I want to be a part of making other entrepreneurs successful.

In June 1981 my father opened our first chipwagon on a back street in a small town in Renfrew, Ontario. I was only 6 years old when he started it. Little did I know that this would be the start of me becoming an entrepreneur!

From an early age I was always helping my dad doing small things such as going with him to pick up stock, helping with counting the inventory, and watching him peel potatoes. I was so tiny I couldn't even lift the pail! As I got older I started working on weekends serving coffee and passing the orders out the window, then it progressed to taking the orders, making change and eventually learning the prep work and cooking of the product. I was full time by the age of 15 and even though very young I knew exactly what I was doing. By then we had opened our 2nd chipwagon that we used as our events trailer. Our main chipwagon was parked on the main street in Renfrew and the 2nd unit was used for events such as festivals, fairs, auction sales, sporting events, parades and even weddings!

From 1994-1996 I operated my first business. I owned an ice cream truck and used the money I earned from it to pay my way through college. I was enrolled in the Small Business Management course. My passion was always with the chipwagon and I sold the ice cream truck in 1996 and continued to work with my father.

In 2001 I purchased the events trailer from my father and did this full time on weekends as well as holding down a factory job. I had made as much money in the summer as I did the entire year of working in the factory and continued to operate the chipwagon until the end of season in 20 13. Over the past 32 years Mr. Chips of Renfrew has been a house hold name. Not only did Mr. Chips serve the community with great food but it also raised thousands of dollars for local charities!

It's now time to move forward. I want to use my many years experience to help others achieve their dreams and be successful in an ever changing popular industry.


   Catherine Doucette
   Tasty Solutions
   Food Truck Consultant




Latest News

Attention Food Vendors! I'm looking to add vendors to my list of contacts. As the owner of Tasty Solutions my goal is not only to help people get started in the food truck industry but to also help promote those already in business!

Latest News

If you have ever thought of starting a food truck now is the perfect time to start planning!!! Planning now will have you prepared to open early spring and will also help get you the perfect location! I have over 20 years experience in this industry and can help you get set up for next season. Email me at tastysolutions1@gmail.com for details!